Help Educate And Raise Awareness Around Cancer

About the HERAC CIC Network

The Founder of the HERAC CIC Network is Alfred Samuels. During the early months of 2012, he was diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer, stage 4, and given six months to live. He survived due to his participation in the Stampede drug trial, funded by Cancer Research UK, for whom Alfred is still an ambassador.

He strongly believes he survived through a combination of; his participation in the Stampede drug trial Programme. Sheer determination, guts and a positive mindset; were his foundation for survival. Consequently, this was coupled; with a change of lifestyle and the constant and ongoing support of his family and friends.

HERAC Mission

Our mission at HERAC CIC is to provide information to educate men and their families about the subject matter; of Prostate Health; this includes those diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.


"Help to Prevent and minimise Prostate Cancer by Educating Men to treat it early and keep a healthy Prostate".

How HERAC achieves its Aims

By collaborating with its network of partners, HERAC aims to reduce the death and suffering associated with prostate cancer by focusing on it's strategic imperatives:

HERAC Strategic Imperatives:

  • Promote early detection of the disease and improve patient outcomes.
  • Raise funds for research and treatment of prostate cancer.
  • To will look at new research and aim to contribute to new guidelines.
  • To Identify and close gaps in prostate cancer treatment implementation.
  • To Encourage patients to live healthier lifestyles through Revision of diet, Physical Health and Psychological Support.

    HERAC believes the only way to achieve its ultimate goal is through education, awareness and research therefore helping; to reduce the death rate of husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, and friends due to this illness.